by Sable Symphony

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I created this creature to remind me of all my mistakes
I cursed myself to relieve the same nightmare every night

I can't let myself become the Nightmare again
A fool I was to be a jealous mare of absolutely nothing at all
I wanted the same adoration Equestria had for my sister

Oh, Tantabus, I beg you to do your worst
For I wish to torture myself forever
I can't let myself forget what I became
So I can not let it happen again

I can't forget the pain I've caused
If I do, how will I ever learn?

I can remember the tears in my sister's eyes
As she banished me for a thousand years
It is me who deserves to feel those tears
For being the cold-hearted mare I was all those years ago

I'm probably just stuck in the past
And I should let it go
I could free my mind at last
But I must remain in woe

I need to keep this darkness around
To keep this nightmare bound
Because I could turn, soon
Back into Nightmare Moon

They say that it's all okay,
But I don't believe a single word of it

I don't deserve anyone's forgiveness
I tried to dethrone my sister over a petty fit of jealousy

The waking world is the only time I'm away from my nightmares
But when I dream, I'm back with the Tantabus

Every time I look in the mirror
I still see it staring back at me
I quiver in fear but I know that this is what I've earned

I deserve my punishment


released March 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Sable Symphony Paterson, New Jersey

My name's Brandon. I'm a hardcore Brony with a huge passion for music, metal being my primary genre. I also love performing and it's the best thing to be up on stage. As well I enjoy going to BronyCon and have been going every year since 2013 and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. ... more

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