The Magic Box Ft. James Camacho of As All Hope Dies

by Sable Symphony

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My first really heavy track ayy. Get ready for them br00talz and the 0s dudes. But seriously this song is about how modern technology has corrupted the human race and how much I hate it. Probably one of my darkest songs but eh, I have a dark mind. Enjoy! :D


This world has discovered a new form of corruption
Human kind no longer has any form of humanity
We are fucked should this continue
Ignorance spreading like a disease
The walking filth wastes their lives on things so pointless

They no longer have freedom
They've been hypnotised
Cursed to care only about themselves
And how much attention they receive

Self-absorbed, narcissistic
Superiority complexes run rampant
A cancer that must be stopped
But I fear it might be too late

My hatred grows for the human race
Brainwashed unintellectual beings
How could they allow this to happen to themselves?

This disease has taken over the world
Almost no one is clean
There doesn't seem to be a cure for this zombifying sickness
All because of the magic box that we all own and can't get rid of
More and more are made providing an infinite supply of disease
Will he human race ever be saved?

A cancer that must be stopped
But I fear it might be too late

Save us from our own inhumanity
I feel disgusted by this insanity
We must cleanse our world
Rid this world of its own imperfections
It's either the magic box or the human race


released August 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Sable Symphony Paterson, New Jersey

My name's Brandon. I'm a hardcore Brony with a huge passion for music, metal being my primary genre. I also love performing and it's the best thing to be up on stage. As well I enjoy going to BronyCon and have been going every year since 2013 and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. ... more

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